Welcome to the the official eNorway immigration info site.

How to apply for eNorwegian citizenship;

Greetings to you, and thanks a lot for considering to apply for Norwegian citizenship!

Take a moment while reading to think if this is really what you'd like, not to discourage you, but to enlighten you.

Our fine country is a small and tight community, but we are few, and we need fresh and willing blood. As we have had a loyal congress for quite some time now, we've got the possibility to enrich our superb nation with new faces through the granting of citizenship.

We have, however, become very cautious of who we are letting into the country.

This is mainly because of the risk of a PTO, but also to keep out medal-hunters and their likes who don't contribute anything to the nation. Therefore you will be investigated and background-checked when applying for eNorwegian citizenship.

Please read through the "Before you apply" section before you proceed; it has important information!

Thank you for your attention and good luck!

Our Minister of Immigration

You can find our cabinet, and our Minister of Immigration by following this link.