Before you apply

Here are some things you should know before you apply for eNorwegian citizenship:

What we, the people, congress and government of eNorway would like of you;
  • Loyalty to the nation; Our prime concern is the health of our own nation.
  • Loyalty to our allies; eNorway is a member and defender of Asgard.
  • Being active socially; Using IRC and the national forums.

Things that will help out your application;
  • Being Norwegian RL; This will be tested if you claim that you are.
  • Good references; Could possibly open the door for you easily, if you've got in-game honourable, known and/or eNorwegian friends.
  • Coming from an Nebula, or Neighbouring country. (Finland or Sweden)

Things that can be negative on or hurt your application;
  • No references.
  • Coming from a direct enemy eNation. (non-Nebula/Asteria nations)
  • Being a "known enemy of the state", blacklisted somewhere or similar.

Things that will automatically turn down your application;
  • Being or been member of a known PTO-group.
  • Known or obvious medal-hunter.
  • Bad reputation in general.
  • Attempting to bribe a congressman for CS will get you considered "persona-non-grata" permanently!